Monday 16 Apr 2018

Protocol of cooperation with Kepesco Key-Kits Center for Training

For access to the objectives laid down by Bawabat Fayhaa company for oil services and general contracting in Iraq, and after making the right decision by the company's management to open a branch named Bafco for training Technology.

Then we proudly announce a protocol of cooperation and adoption of training of all courses occupational health and safety with the International Academic Safety Professionals / IASP campus/ in the agreement with the International Training Centre Kepesco Key-Kitswhich manages it Mr. Ayman Emara.

Where these centers are considered from the world famous certified training centers and certificated in the areas of health and occupational safety / HSE / and engineering fields related to the oil and gas services / API / digging the wells and welding as well as some specialized training courses on the same field.

Under this agreement Bafco officially became the exclusive agent and the sole representative for the International Academy of IASP campus safety professionals and the International Training Centre Kepesco Key-Kits in Iraq for all training activities mentioned above.


Formula agreement

Formula agreement.pdf



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